dpvg (dpvg) wrote,

Ooooh. First entry.

Well, Not really.

We'll get this place looking good in a bit. For now - HI :)

Entries will follow the, er, following rules:
Doug, in Bold.
Tracey in Italics.
My name? knowing it is not important right now, I'm the narrator of this on-going tale (if you've seen The Big Lebowski, I'm a bit like The Stranger in that...)

It's all very exciting. Though a little premature at the moment I'm afraid :(

Once we get a deal sorted, this journal will start in earnest.
For now, it'll be a bit barren... Here's to the future and all that jazz.

It will be an account of the creation of a videogame from (almost) the beginning right up to the day it's sitting on a shelf in a games store :)

Hopefully, this journal will be witty and eloquently written. Hopefully, we won't have to resort to using words like 'tits' and 'bum'...

So. Sit back. Make yourself comfortable and most of all...
Join In. Ask questions, make comments.
Tell your Friends.

Enjoy it.
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